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Re: [glosalist] Glosa 6000

Robin Gaskell (Robin Gaskell <drought-breaker@...>) on August 20, 2003

Karo Chris e Plu Hetero Glosa-pe, At 02:01 PM 8/18/03 +1200, you wrote:

I’m Chris Marshall, a composer from New Zealand. ** Nice to hear from you Chris.

> ..... Looking at the various >Glosa resources I've discovered on the internet, I'm finding the language >has many very strong features and I would like to further my study of it. ** Truly, Glosa does have a sort of quiet authority about it. This strength seems to come from the powerful interaction between semantics and syntax. It is my belief that the call upon Glosa users to employ the true word, and not a metaphor, plus the pressure to use correct sentence structure as an enhancement of meaning, give the language its great potential as a communication medium. <Veri, Glosa habe u no-ge-dice autoriti peri id. U-ci forti, sembla veni ex u dinami inter-akti inter u semani-ra e u sintaxi. Mi kredi, ke u nece pro plu Glosa-uti-pe de utor u korekti >I was wondering, is the Glosa 6000 dictionary available on disc? Would >someone be kind enough to send it to me as an email attachment? > >Any assistance would be most appreciated. > >Sincerely, > >-- >Christopher Marshall - composer >Email: vaiaata@... >Internet: >Phone: +64 9 360-4957, Fax: +64 9 360-4958 >Address: 1/131 Williamson Avenue, Grey Lynn, Auckland 1002 > New Zealand > > > > >To unsubscribe from this group, send an email to: > > > > >Your use of Yahoo! Groups is subject to > > >

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