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Re: [glosalist] Re: Glosa in Brazil

myaleee nimah (myaleee nimah <myaleee@...>) on December 11, 2010

Dear fabiomota With care I arranged and made a dictionary of glisa (attach= ment) The words are mostly romance language , few from englisg. I Will be p= leased if you write something in glisa, for for I am the only user of it = :-) see my translations

yours , myaleee

From: doutormg <fabi= omota@…> To: Sent: Mon, December 6, 2010 2:= 35:42 PM Subject: [glosalist] Re: Glosa in Brazil

I appreciate your res= ponse. There is already a site Glisa? Where the vocabulary available?

— = In, myaleee nimah <myaleee@…> wrote:

Deares= t friend fabiomota I am very pleased for your comments!

1- Instead of= “s” (which is small, clear, beautiful, recognisable), I thought of “pi= “; gato , gato pi, cat cats, domo, domo pi , house, houses; or others if = you like!

2- like chinese, the use of separated affixes is essential fo= r clarity and power of expression to language! It keeps the main word in = SAME SHAPE : lovi li , lovi da, lovi jo, lovi to, no lovi bila . It elimi= nates confusion of glosa “same word,many functions”, vora eat , eating, m= eal etc.

3- I made glisa for my pleasure, and needs tens of years to ga= in speakers , if any.

4- your kind suggestions are most welcome :-)

From: Fabio Lentulio Mota Fil= ho fabiomota@… To: Sent: Mon, December 6, 2= 010 5:59:30 AM Subject: Re: [glosalist] Glosa in Brazil

I studied a= bit of Glisa and Glosa. I think that Glisa has some advantages and other= disadvantages, but it would be better that these improvements were inclu= ded in Glosa? Can we not improve Glosa? The use of “s” as plural, and the= use of different endings on the same word do not alter a fundamental pri= nciple of language “isolated”?

2010/12/5 myaleee nimah myaleee@…


Hello friend fabiomota how do you find my version (glisa) gli= sa ? it is better than glosa, no? Profesor engles Lancelot Hogben creat= ed interglossa in which he watched fires above University of Aberde= en in orld war II . He removed all affixes and changes to words ins= pired by the publication ofe latino sine flexione by Peano en 1905,buth= e decided to reduce the dictionary to 880 words.He published his ideas = in 1943 as “Interglossa: A draft of an aixiliary way for a democratic w= orld

order, being an attempt to apply semantic principles to langua= ge design” (Pelican Books). GlosaEdit

  • Glosa is international = aidiliary language. It is an isolating language: There are no affix= es or changes to words, which retain always thier original egerms. = Instead, articles indicate their gramatical roles!
  • Glisa is improved = “glosa”,which is clearer, with freedom in order of words, and more = exact and simple! It is created by Dr Mohamed Ali, an iraqi pediatricia= n (myaleee, email myalee@… <> Octobre 2010.


  • I made arbitrary changes to words to make them easily recognisible,and = understandable! Words from Latin are prefered to Greek ones, bela is = prettier than kali(whole words like komputero is more international tha= n “puta-me” thinking machine of glosa, no?)
  • Many suffixes are rem= oved (-ma,-li,-do,-ka etc) and others are added like “li “ worthy o= f etc!

  • 5 vowels like in Spanish and are pronounced like English := fAther, cafE, machIne, mOre, lUnar.
  • Diphthongs. Pronounce vowels= separately.
  • Consonants same as in English, except:
  • C always li= ke CH in English CHurCH.
  • J like Y in Yes.
  • G always lke Get.

  • Q like English QU or KW.
  • SC like English SH

personal Prono= uns Edit href=3D Edit

English Glisa possessives




you(pl.)vos ,vosa

He,= il,ila




o= ne(pron.),on,ona

one another ,alelo

himself,herself etc,aut= e,se

his((etc) own,sea

In glisa, these articles indicate te= nse,mode and aspect of the verb:

Aj (pronounced “ai”) placed anywhe= re =3D imperative: aj veni ili =3D let them come; tu e mi aj somni:= let me and you sleep.

pa ia (past) fu va (future) nu now = sio would du continue doing nu pa already

Most of verbs = finish by -i, adjectives by -a, nouns by -o: e.g domo (house), kano= (dog), facila =3D easy, amio =3D friend.

SufisasEdit href=3D Edit

  • verb + na =3D adjective or participle:
  • lovi na matro =3D lo= ving mother
  • mi es studi na =3D I am studying
  • verb, nom + za =3D= full of:
  • studi za puero =3D studious boy
  • floro za =3Dfull of f= lowers
  • verb , noun,or adjective + to =3D concept name, “to” is option= al.
  • la lovi to * la lovi =3D the love
  • rica to=3D richness *= la amio to =3D friendship
  • verb + te =3D adverb: “te” is optional, wh= ere clear
  • studi te =3D while studying
  • lovi te =3D with love; el= studi gaya (te) she studies happily
  • verb + da =3D past partisciple (= -da):
  • lovi da =3D loved one
  • mia lovi nafes =3Dmy beloved girls = (suffixes are connected, the less the better: mia lovi da puero (fe= s)my loved boyfriends(girls)
  • frakti da =3D broken
  • verb + fi =3D= become:
  • frakti fi =3D get broken
  • verb + zi =3D cause:
  • tr= ista zi =3D make sad

prefixesEdit href=3D Edit

onklo:uncle = onklo fe: aunt avo grandpa sibo brother sibo;sibo fe, sister =


yes/no questions Qe… ? What/Which?

= Qo? How many?

Qo numero?

qo multa How much? how many

= How often?Qo freqa?

Why? (cause) Qoka?

Where? Qolo?

= What thing? Qojo?

Who? Qope?

How? Qomode?Komo?

W= hen? Qohoro?; Qodi? qotem?


no=3Dopposive : no bela= , no facila dise (adverb): separate> dise vesti: undress

exe := exe=3D pa : exe sponso ex husband

semi: half : semi horo,

= tri: emo : one third, cento emo:one hundredth

opla: pro multa fi : = bi opla=3Ddouble, tri opla=3Dtreble, ok opla: kilo opla kronos: one= thousand times

mise =3D falsa :mise kompreni misunderstand

= retre : retre veni

re: again re fari

stepa patro: step fat= her

vice deputy: vice

cefa: deputy chief re: again :re = fari =3Ddo again


Past Pa Mi pa lekti la libro. I h= ave read the book.

continuant Past Pa du Mi pa du lekti la libro. I= have been reading the book. past perfect Pa (pa) (vea: pra) Mi pa = (pa) lekti la libro. ihave read the book Present (nu) Mi (nu) lekti= la libro. I read the book. Present continuous Du Mi du lekti la libro.= I am reading the book. Present perfect Nu pa Mi nu pa lekti la libro. = I have read the book. Futur Fu Mi fu lekti la libro. I shall read the b= ook. Futur proxima Nu fu Mi nu fu lekti la libro. I shall soon read the=

book. Futur perfect Fu pa Mi fu pa lekti la libro. I shall have re= ad the book. conditional Sio Mi sio lekti la libro… If I would re= ad the book Comand aj! Aj lekti! read! nos nu aj lekti let us read = the book ! Negation Ne Mi ne lekti la libro. Ido not read the book. = question Qe Qe mi lekti la libro? Do I read the book? Past partisciple= -da La libro es lekti da. read(passive) become -fi la libro lekti fi e= x mi. This book is being read by me. Infinitiv lekti read Name verb= al (to)(optional) lekti( to) es bona the reading is good (of the book) =

SuffixasEdit href=3D Edit

  • “-ka”, “-bo”, “-fi”, “-va”, “-l= i”, “-ma” is eliminated, using complete words instead, words like v= aso, kamero.
  • -jo =3D thing:
  • vori jo =3D egeod; lekti jo=3Dreadi= ng matter
  • vori jos =3D egeods
  • ajo (pronounced as “aio”) =3D thi= ng,
  • lesa =3D sin: vidi lesa nonseeing.sightless
  • uci es bona ajo= !
  • -li :
  • lekti li libro =3D a book worth reading.
  • vidi lij= os =3D ajos meli de vidi! o vidi li ajos!
  • -bila =3D able
  • vidi b= ila =3D visible
  • -lo =3D loko , general in sense
  • studi lo =3D lo= cation, room eger study
  • -fa =3D collection:
  • homo fa =3D humanit= y
  • mo =3D apparatus:
  • seki mo =3D knife
  • names are male: for= ming female is by adding suffix “fe”
  • sibo =3D brother, sibo fe =3Dsis= ter
  • filo =3D son, filo fe =3D daughter // “filo” (in glosa “fibre”)be= comes filio
  • tio =3D grandfather, tio fe =3D grandmother

vario= us Notes Edit href=3D Edit

*verbo =3D verb , parolo =3D word, adjek= tivo =3D adjektive *“po-co” > po te pos esta *dei =3D ce (“than”) m= a pova dei =3D poorer than *“plus-co” > plus te in addition *“simi-= co” > simi te similarly *“minus” > sin * -lesa sin domo * domo lesa =3D= homeless *“Di mo” > saturdi, etc *mon =3D un mona =3D first *bi= =3D two bia =3D second (ordinal) *bia krono =3D second time, “kron” as= suffix *tem when *a il, e ili, ko ili (a, e, * do not change to ad= il etc) *(use apreni =3D learn (not “gene sko”)) *eduki =3D teach = eduki ro =3D man teacher =3D=3D=3D=3D=3D

*aixiliary Verbs *= debi must *neci need *lici is permitted *posi is possible, posi= na =3Dpossible, posi te=3Dpossibly *poti can *mori dansi accustome= d to danse *voli want, desire *lovi love *ami like *gusto t= aste, gusto fi=3D to taste *tendi intende *fari do, make *akti = act,behave *sembli seem *proto fi, komensi commense *prepari pr= epare *duri continue *stopi stop *esperi hope *tenti try = *kura care *studi pe studiant *studi fe studiant female *stud= i ro studiant male *studi lo school, bibliotheque *skolo school = *libro lo bibliotheque *libro-boteko library *malada lo o hospital= o *oko-tego eyebrow (de tego’ “cover”, oko “eye”) *agro lo farm = *repasti have meal; *repasti (jo) meal *dineo dinner *dineo zi= have dinner *dejuni jo breakfast *dejuni have breakfast *Adjet= ivesEdit href=3D Edit

*(Adjetives do not change accordinga their na= mes. they come beegere ore after name, end usually by -a.)


  • Mi fu lekti mon libro =3DI shall read a book *(for negating the adjet= ive)
  • bela =3D bela
  • no bela ( * leda) =3D ugly

Determina= ntesEdit href=3D Edit La =3D “la”. the article indefinite “un” is absen= t!

  • femo =3D a woman
  • la femo =3D the woman -s for plural: =
  • mi ami la libros =3D I love the books
  • ula =3D that
  • ula gato= =3D that cat
  • ula gatos =3D those cats
  • uci =3D this
  • uci g= ato =3D this cat
  • uci gatos =3D these cats
  • ulas (pronom) =3D tho= se
  • ucis =3D these

AverbosEdit href=3D Edit

*Usually, = use te for adverb

  • studi te =3D while studying
  • bela te =3D w= ith beauty

*other adverbs:

  • pokrona =3D late, pokrona te(a= v.)
  • prekrona =3D early, prekrona te(av.)
  • pa di =3D yesterday

  • nu di =3D today (note nuda =3D nude)
  • fu di =3D tomorrow
  • ime= dia =3D prompt
  • imedia te =3D promptly( averbo)
  • bi kronos =3D 2 = times
  • tempo =3D tempo
  • loko =3D location
  • dista =3D distant=
  • mesa =3D media
  • nu =3D now

ConjuntasEdit href=3D Edit

  • akorda te =3Daccordingly
  • alelo =3D the one the other
  • o= =3D or
  • o… o =3D either… or
  • alora =3D therefore
  • anti = te =3D although
  • e =3D and
  • fini te =3D finally
  • otra te =3D= otherwise
  • ja =3D yes
  • no =3D no
  • kaso te =3D in case *= ko te =3D also
  • klu =3D even; klu te =3D even though
  • ni… ni = =3Dneither… nor
  • pene, proxi te =3D nearly
  • po te =3D after tha= t; po ke =3Dafter
  • posi =3D may (verbo), posi na =3D posable (adjetiv)= ; posi te (averbo)
  • plus te =3D also
  • qasi =3D as if
  • sed = =3D but
  • si ne… =3D if not
  • ne… si =3D not if
  • vice =3D = instead of =3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D

CorelatantesEdit href=3D Edit

Un corelatante Corelatantes Parolas de demanda

*qo- uno- a= li- tota- nuli-

*thing-jo qojo =3D (what thing) *unojo =3D some= thing; *uci, ula this, that *alijo (anything) *totajo (everythi= ng) *nulijo(nothing) *Person -pe *qope who *unope(some pers= on) *ali pe (any one) *tota, tota all, every *nuli pe (no one) = *Loca -lo *qolo where *unolo some where *lalo, cilo, there,= here *alga loca, algalo *totalo(everywhere) *nulilo(nowhere) = =3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D

*Modo -mode

*qomode how

*unomode (somehow) *ucimode (this way) *totamode(in all manners) = *a no mode(in no way) =3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D *kausa

*pro ke b= ecause *qoka why ( afin in order to) pro ke *unoka for some reason = *totaka for all reasons *nulika for no reason *qotem when? tem = when *alikron at that time, then *unokron, at a time once *tota= kron at every occasion *nulikron at no occasion


*quantity -qanto *(qo)qanto (how many, how much) *unoqanto= ; (that much, little)taliqanto, talimikra *totaqanto whole

=3D= =3D=3D=3D=3D=3D

*quality -qali (qo)qali (what kind) *unoqali so= me kind; *taliqali such kind *algaqali any kind *totaqali all k= inds


PreposadasEdit href=3D Edit

= *Glisa Lfn Averbo Lfn

*ab de (move) *a a (move) *supra sup= ra supra te upwards *anti against *de of *dei than *dextro = right *sur sur *ex by *in in *infra down, *inter betwee= n *intra in *ka because *sub under *ko with *kontra aga= inst *laevo to left *sin without *para beside para te being bes= ide per by (instrument) *peri round *po after *pre ante = *pro for *proxi near of near to(adjetive), proxi te nearby(adv.) *= so so *supra above,up *tem while, during *topo at place of = *tra tra *trans through *ultra beyond

number glisa

0 zero nuli/zero 1 mon 2 bi 3 tri 4 tetri 5 penti 6= sixi 7 septi 8 okti 9 noni 10 dek 11 dekmon 12 dek= bi 20 bidek 22 bidek-bi 100 cento 101 cento-mon 1.000 (= mon)kilo 1.000.000 (mon)milion

useful examples


  • ’'’Saluti! ‘’’ =3D hello!
  • ’'’Bena veno, aj veni bona te != ‘’’ =3D welcome!
  • ’'’Placi!’’’ =3D please!
  • ’'’Aj pardoni! Peniti= !’’’ =3D Pardon!
  • ’'’Tua nimo es qo?,Tu nimo fi qo ‘’’ =3D what is you= r name?
  • ’'’Mia nimo es…’’’ =3D My name is…
  • ’'’Qolo mi es?’’= ‘ =3D where am I?
  • ’'’Qanto?’’’ =3D How much?
  • ’'’Qe tu pote dice= Glosa?’’’ =3D you speak glisa?
  • ’'’Mi ne kompreni.’’’ =3D I do not un= derstand.
  • ’'’Grati.’’’ =3D thanks.
  • ’'’Zero problemo / Ne gravi.= ‘’’ =3D No problem.
  • ’'’A tua sano!’’’ =3D to your health!
  • ’'’Bo= na fortuno!’’’ =3D good luck!
  • ’'’Es bona di.’’’ =3D It is a good day.=
  • ’'’adio’’’ =3D goodbye.
  • ’'’Qo(id) es ula?’’’ =3D what is that?=
  • ’'’Qomode tu sano fi, es vos?’’’ =3D How are you?
  • ’'’Bona mati= no!’’’ =3D good morning!
  • ’'’Bona vespero!’’’ =3D good evening!
  • = ‘'’Bona nokto!’’’ =3D good night!
  • ’'’Bona kli to, dormi to/ bona soni= os.’’’ =3D good sleep/ good dreams.
  • ’'’Mi ne poti trovi defekto.’’’ = =3D I find no errors.
  • ’'’Bona’’’ =3D good
  • ’'’Kini’’’ =3D go

  • ’'’gato’’’ =3D a cat
  • ’'’kano’’’ =3D a dog
  • ’'’suino’’’ =3D a = pig
  • ’'’bovo’’’ =3D cow
  • ’'’kavalo’’’ =3D horse
  • ’'’rano’’’ = =3D frog
  • ’'’avio’’’ =3D bird
  • ’'’abea’’’ =3D bee
  • ’'’araneo= ‘’’ =3D spider
  • ’'’pisko’’’ =3D fish
  • ’'’Il aute pa akti id’’’ = =3D She did it herself
  • ’'’Qe tu tendi kini per vagono(vagono te) a’’’= =3D do you want to go by car?
  • ’'’La juva pes(pueros) pa lavi se’= ‘’ =3D The boys washed herself.
  • ’'’El ne poti kursi iso rapida te iso= mi.’’’ =3D She can not run as fast as me.
  • ’'’aute labori pe’’’ = =3D self-employed person
  • ’'’Qe tu memo ula placi na vespero?’’’ =3D D= o you rememberthat nice evening?
  • ’'’qo preco sio es letro a … ?= ‘’’ =3D How much does this letter cost to..?
  • ’'’Tu debi mori de k= ompreni glisa rapida te.’’’ You must get used to understand glisa fast!=
  • ’'’Mi qesti fi( o qesti mi, miri) qe il fu veni?’’’ =3D I wonder if

    she will come.

  • ’'’Ili pa noki se.’’’ =3D they hurt themselves= .
  • ’'’Ili aidi alelo.’’’ =3D they help one another
  • ’'’tota vos g= resi longe pedi-vio.’’’ =3D all of you walk along the pavement.
  • ’= ‘‘Il pa doni a mi memo jo ex Polska.’’’ =3D She gave me a souvenir from = Poland.
  • ’'’Id es la mia. Id es la tua.’’’ =3D It is mine, It is your= s.
  • ’'’Tu neci deveni mori na (neci mori) a uci friga klimo.’’’ =3D yo= u need to get used to that cold weather.
  • ’'’Il mori visiti el= bi kronos singu anuo/setimano.’’’ =3D He habitually visits her twi= ceevery year/weeek.
  • ’'’Ula no es mori da.’’’ =3Dthis is unusual.

  • ’'’Il mori kini per treno a urbo; sed nu di il fu kini per vagona.’’’ =
  • ’'’Qe mi lici aidi tu?’’’ =3D Is it permtted to help you?
  • ’'’Aj la= si mi aidi tu.’’’ =3D Permit me to aid you.
  • ’'’Qe tu poti dici a mi l= a vio a … ?’’’ =3D Can you tell me the way to … ?

*elekti l= oko choose a site *pleni la dorso-saketo pack a ruck-sack *fixi la = filios adjust the straps *a vento windward *trakti movi bila domo p= ull trailer-tent *kampo jos camping equipment *kolekti sika ligno c= ollect dry wood *fari kampo-fajro make a camp fire *fajro zi la kuk= i mo light the stove *kambi la gaso-vaso change the gas-cylinder *p= leni la aqa-vaso fill the water carrier *repari mo repair kit *obed= i la ruro na mori jos *akti bona te, tem tu visiti la ruro. =3D=3D= =3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D

Jon: Papa, mi voli= mariti Susan, nosa amio fe en para na domi! Patro: Nulitem! Ka mi prek= ron habi ami na relato ko ela matro! El es tua sibo fe! Jon: Se= qi te, mi sio mariti Mary, nosa otra para na amio fe! Patro: Nulimode!!= Plus te, mi prekron te habi ami na relato ko ela matro! Mi peniti,= el anke es tua sibo fe!

Jon pa kini a sea matro, e pa dici trista = te: Papa pa refusi mariti zi mi ko Mary o Susan, ka ili bi es mia s= ibo fes! Matro: Aj es felica! Tu poti mariti alife qi tu desiri! Ka rea= la te, papa ne es tua patro


Citi jos de Shakespeare

traduki da ex myaleee

  • Euf= amo! Eufamo! A! Mi pa losi mia eufamo! Mi pa losi la maxi granda de mia=

aute, ka la resta jo solita te es besto na!

  • Qoka! so, la mundo e= s mia ostro qi mi fu aperi ko spato.
  • Nos kausti la radio jos de di.

  • Uci es la kurta e la longa de id.
  • pusi gaja to e bona-veni to gr= anda sio krei felica celebro .
  • Felica to e aktiva to fari la horos se= mbli kurta.
  • Exkusi to freqa pro ero fari la ero ma mala .
  • civil= a fe, ne doci tua labios de depresi, ka ili krei fi pro besi e ne pro = tali depresi to! *Mi konsideri la mundo kom skeno lo, sur qi on debi= akti uno rolo, e mia rolo es ege trista! *La kapo qi porti la = korono kli anxi te! *Ami to es vidi lesa! *singu oko negoti pro sea= aute e ne fidi a ali agento. *La vino stimuli la desiri to sed id turb= i la akti to! *La diablo poti citi la libro sankta pro aute tende! =
  • Ne tenti temgeni de o temdoni a tua amio, ka tu sio losi ambi la ajo e = tua amio.
  • E la mikra studi-ro repti lenta te sin voli to a sko = lo plori te, ko sea paketo e sea faco ko la radi jos de matino .
  • = Tu sio es tali modesta kom jelo, tali puri kom nevo, sed tu ne fu eviti = la skandalo.
  • Tem trista jos veni, ili veni ne kom spios individo= na, sed in armeos.
  • Tempestos oscili la verda lovi li blastos de majo= .
  • Mi ege desiri ke nos sio es ma bona aliena pes.
  • A! Si mi pa s= eqi la artos!
  • Aj vesti aute ko virtuo si tu ne posesi id .
  • Aj k= lami “Destrui”! e aj expedi ab la kanos de milito!
  • Nos veni pro geni = id qi habi in aute nuli profito exepte la nimo, la peco de teritori= o. =3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D

Enigmos de Existo

da = Lubnana Poeto Ilia Abu Madi

traduki da ex myaleee

Mi pa ven= i ne ski de qolo Sed mi pa veni E mi pa vidi uno vio ante mi su= r qo mi pa du gresi. Mi du gresi voli ne voli Qomode mi pa veni? Qo= mode mi pa vidi mia vio? mi ne ski!

Qe mi es antiqa o nova in u= ci existo? Qe mi es liba pe o sklavo in katenos? Qe mi duci aute in= vivi to o Mi du es duci da? Mi ege desiri ski, sed regreti te = Mi ne ski!

Mia vio? Qomode es mia vio? Qe id es kurta o longa? = Qe mi deskendi a infra o askendi a ana? o kadi a infra de fundo? = o ambi mi e mia vio du stopi tem la mundo kursi? Mi ne ski!

Q= olo es mia kri to e mia ridi to Tem mi pa es juva puero Qolo es mia= ignori to e mia alegri to Tem mi pa es mikra e ami li babio? Qolo = es mia sonios qi semper du seqi mi? Ili tota pa vanesci! Sed qomode van= esci ? Mi ne ski! =3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D O Maro mega= ! Komo mi, tu habi areno e perlo Sed tu habi nuli umbro E mi habi u= mbro sur tero! E tu ne habi cerebro, e mi es ege sofia So qoka tu v= ivi permana te e mi morta fi ab??! Mi ne ski!

=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D= =3D=3D=3D=3D

God must love stupid people. He made SO many. Teo = sura te ami stupida personos! El pa krei tali poli de ili!

Always b= orrow money from a pessimist. He won’t expect it back. tota tem, temgen= i valuto ex pesimista pe! Il no fu expekti a re geni id itera te! =

A clear conscience is usually the sign of a ba memory. Mori te, = pura konsienso sio indiki mala memori!

Never get into fights with u= gly people, they have nothing to lose. Semper no kombati ko stupida per= sono! Il habi nuli jo pro losi!

Artificial intelligence is no match= eger natural stupidity. Natura stupida to es ma granda dei artifica in= teliga to !

Circumstance does not make the man; it reveals him to h= imself cirkumsto no fari la persono! Id reveli el a se aute!

Wh= en a woman steals your husband, there is no better revenge than to let = her keep him.” Tem uno femo furti tua sponso,la maxi bona retali si= o lasi el teni il!

Laugh at your problems, everybody else does.

Ridi a tua problemos, ili sio vanesci imedia te!

We have enough gu= n control. What we need is idiot control. Ni habi sata kontroli de fusi= los. Qojo nos neci es kontroli de morona pes!

My opinions may have = changed, but not the fact that I am right. Posi te, mia opinis pa vari,= sed mi es semper korekta! A little boy asked his father, “Dady, how mu= ch does it cost to get married?” Father replied, “I don’t know son,= I’m still paying.” uno mikra puero qesti sea patro , “ Papa, Qanto es = la preco pro mariti?” Patro:”mi no ski , puero, mi es ankora paga na!” = Some cause happiness wherever they go. Others whenever they go. Uno= pes kausa felica to a alilo ili kini. Otra pes alitem ili kini ab!

= =3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D

La vagono de Jon frakti fi, tem il du vehi a = sea ergo lo. [Jon’s car broke itself while he was driving to work (his = work-place).] Tem el askendi infra gradios el pa kadi, e noki aute. = [When she descended the stairs, she fell and hurt herself.] La kano vo= ri la karno. [The dog eats the meat.] La kano voki a la posto pe. L= a aidi jo es tresoro, do tu aj es kura za a qi tu doni id! Si tu es ric= a, tota amios sio desiri tu E si tu deveni pova, klu tua sibos fu eviti= tu! La vera amio resti sincera a sea amio in tri kasos: 1 tem il s= uferi de mega turbi 2 tem il es absenta 3 tem il pra es morta! = Uci es la femo qi doci mediti so. This is the lady who teaches meditation. = Qe tu ski la homo qi pa merkati uci navio? Do you know the man; who bou= ght this boat? U tetrapoda es u vivi jo, krei jo; qi habi tetri pod= os. A tetrapod is a creature; which has egeur legs. Uci es la femo = qi habiti ula mega domo proxi la religio lo. This is the lady; who live= s in that big house near the church. Aj bevi uci medika jo tri kronos s= ingu di. No! mi ne ami uci speco de vesti jo. No! I don’t like this kin= d clothes.

Tu sembli ete palida You look rather pale. Uci es la= torto qi teni kemi-koloro. This is the cake which contains artificial = coloring. Qe, tu memori la viro qi tu pa vide pa-di? Do you remember th= e man you saw yesterday. Mi pa vidi la vagono qi tu pa merkati pa-d= i. I saw the car you bought yesterday. Tu pa parli a qope? Who did = you speak to? Es multa specos de bestos in ula lando. There are many ki= nds of animals in that country. Qo horo tu fu veni? What time will = you come? El es ilia sea solita infanto. She is their only child. A= j dansi nos nu! mi e ela sibo aj veni nu La viro qi adori Teo pro d= esiri Paradiso es merkati pe! La viro qi adori Teo pro timi fi Il, es s= klavo! La viro qi adori Teo pro grati Il, es viro liba!

=3D=3D= =3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D nosa patro in cielo, tua nimo ay = reveri fi. Tua Regni sio veni; Tua tendi aj fari fi Paco aj es = sur tero simi in cielo ; Nudi, aj doni nosa di-pano a nos; E Tu aj = pardoni nosa mala akti jos. Simi nos pa pardoni ili qi akti mala te a n= os. E ne dirigi nos a seduci za statos; Sed liba zi nos ab mala jos= . Ka tota tem, Tu du teni regni to, Poti to e eufamo . Amen. =

=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D The Owl and the Pussy-= cat

Bubo e gato fe pa kini a maro In uno bela verda navo Il= i pa preni poka mielo e mega valuto Involvi da in bileto de penti paund= os La bubo pa regardi supra a la astros E du kanti a mikra gitaro, = “O lovi li gato,O gato mia lovi ! Tu es ege bela gato! Tu es, = Tu es! Tu es ege bela gato! La gato pa dici a la bubo, “ Tu = eleganta avio! Tua kanti jos es tan bela e dulca ! Tu aj mariti mi = toste! Nos pra atendi ege longa te! Sed qolo nos sio trovi anulo?” = Ili pa du veli tem mon anuo e mon di, A uno isolo topo pomo-arbos k= resci E ala uno suino pa stari in densa lo, Ko anulo a fini de sea = naso Sea naso Sea naso Ko anulo a fini de sea naso

“Kar= a suino, qe tu akordi de vendi tua anulo Pro mon sciling?” La suino pa = dici “Ja, placi te” So ili pa preni id e pa toste mariti fi Ex uno = pavo qi du habiti sur kolono! Ili pa vori freska pomos e seki da karno = qi ili pa vori ko ligno na spatulo! E mano ko mano, sur areno lo, = Ili pa kori infra la lumo de luno la lumo de luno la lumo de lun= o Ili pa kori infra la lumo de luno

=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D= =3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D *Saja dici jos

*Mento mega, parli jo mikra!

*Ne hesiti de oferi mikra parto, ka uci es ma bona dei doni nuli jo! = *homo granda, dori jo granda! *Justa to es tro grava ; Opresi to es f= acila sed turba za! *La nati-lando es uci in qi tu esti felica to ! = *La dici jo “mi pa audi id” es mala; la dici jo “mi pa vidi id” es bona! = *Posi te, vidi na homo fali buto, e mon ko debila oko fusili bona te! =

  • Tu es toleri na in bi kasos: 1- tu toleri uno jo qi tu odi! = 2- tu toleri uno jo qi tu desiri!

  • Mi filo, aj memori la qatri ne= ci za ajos in vivi to : 1- la maxi bona rica jo es vera te la saja to! = 2- la maxi bona heredi jo es vera te la habila to! 3- la maxi bona = aidi jo es vera te la konsili to! 4- la maxi mala pova jo es vera te la= ignori to!
  • Ne akompani mala amio, ka tua karaktero sio mala fi, sin = tua tendi to!

*Mi esti felica to; tu vidi e Glisa habi multa funkti= os. Id ne es solita interesi jo. Id es neci jo. *Mi e mon otra Glis= a-fe tendi ke proto te fari Glisa grupo in nosa urbo. Pa

setimana n= os pa loko zi anunci jos *in libro los, religio los, e in nosa sko = lo. Uci setimana mi grafi de Glisa in nosa nova papiro. Fu saturdi es *la = prima Glisa uni . Mi qesti aute ke qanto personos fu veni. Qe Glisa-= pe uni freqa te in tua urbo? *Ko uci letro mi bali la posto kar= to de mi urbo; id habi tetri piktos. 1) duci-vio ko botekos. 2) katedra= lo. 3) ege antiqa teatro e 4) fluvo-visto. Mi freqe gresi para fluvo te= m bela klimo.

*Id es ege brevi tempo pre tu kini a India; mi esperi= ke tua visiti fu es ege interesi na, e fu doni a tu mega felica to= .


Arabi Noktos

glisa fi ex= myaleee

Arabi noktos, o kilo e mon noktos es kolekti jo de storios= adi da tra centos de anuos ex multa translati pes, e doci pes de multa= natios. La maxi famo za storio es “Alibaba e tetri dek furti p= es”, “Sindbad la maro pe”. e “Aladin e la magika lampo”

La = cefa nari jo es pro uno farsi rego Scehreiar e sea sponso fe Scehrezad. = Pre multa

anuos, tem la rego pa trovi la no-fidi de sea sponso= fe, il pa komanda ke on aj cidi el komo puni . Po te, la rego = sio mariti iteri te neo virgo e lasi el cidi fi tem seqi na matino.=

Scehrezad, la filo fe de vezir(islami arki ro) pa decidi de oferi

aute simi sponso fe pro rego. Tem nokto de sea mariti , Scehrezad dici = uno nari jo a rego, sed el ne sio fini id. La rego obligi fi de ten= i la vivi to de sea sponso fe, ka il ege ami de audi la fini jo= de la storio. Tem seqi na nokto, po fini la storio, Scehrezad sio prot= o zi uno otra jo. Simi te, el kontinui tem 1001 (kilo-mon) noktos.

= =3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D

  • Aj trovi bona akompani pe pro tua= viagi , e bona para pe pro tua domo nova !

*Aj deveni rica a a= liena lo , e tu senti ke tu es a nati-lando ! *e si tu es pova in nati-= lando, tu sio vivi kom aliena !

*Mento granda , parli jo mikra !

*Tri homos meriti la simpato de Teo: *1 la sofia pe vivi na infra= tirano na rego , *2 la debila pe infra severa senioro, *3 la gener= osa pe qi neci avara pe.

*Si tu ne geni amios, tu fari multa enemio= s . *Si tu geni multa amios, tu sio habi mala homos. *So aj elekti = kauti te tua amios.

*La homo qi geni parto ko la fagi jo de sea ami= o , *sura te il deveni umila!

*A Teo la maxi mala pekos es ment= i ,

  • falsa testi e opresi la defendi lesa pes !

*Es tri homo n= a firma qalitos : *la severa pe es la enemio a la debila pe , *la s= tupida pe es la enemio a la sofia pe, *la mala pe es la enemio a la sim= pata pe .

*Si homo pra morta fi , es maxi bona, si il sio lasi tri = ajos: *1 Teni duri na valutos pro doni a pova pes! *2 Sienso jos pr= o doci poplo` *3 sea bona e aidi za filo!

Dici jos latina

ucundi sunt acti labores. (Cicero)

es granda= de fari bona te labori jos .

Non omnia possumus omnes. (Lucilius)

Nos ne poti tota jos.

Nullus est liber tam malus, ut non al= iqua parte prosit. (Plinius)

Nuli libro es tali mala, ke on ne poti= uti id.

O tempora, O mores! (Cicero)

O tempos, O mori jos!=

Rem tene, verba sequentur! (Cato)

Aj teni ajo, parolos fu = seqi.

Summum ius, summa iniuria.

Maxi justa es maxi no-just= a.

Homines, dum docent, discunt. (Seneca)

Personos du apren= i tem ili doci .

Res non semper, spes mihi semper adest. (Ovidius)

Reala to ne aidi mi, sed la espero semper .

=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D= =3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D

Mia bela fe

Pueros = laudi mia bela fe! Ili dici: tu es carma za! El ege ami uci parolos= ! Sed regreti te! El pa oblivi mia nimo, Ka la nimos de ela adori r= os es multa! Si el vidi mi, el sio ignori mi aroga te! Klu intima a= jos inter nos ambi pra acidi: Regardi, ete ridi, Saluti,parli, prom= isi, E fini te, la inkontri dolca!

=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D= =3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D Mariti mi

Jon: Papa, mi voli mar= iti Susan, nosa amio fe en para na domo! Patro: Nulitem! Ka mi prekron = habi ami na relati ko ela matro! El es tua sibo fe! Jon: Seqi t= e, mi sio mariti Mary, nosa otra para na amio fe! Patro: Nulimode!! Plu= s te, mi prekron te habi ami na relati ko ela matro! Mi peniti, el = anke es tua sibo fe!

Jon pa kini a sea matro, e pa dici trista te: = Papa pa refusi mariti zi mi ko Mary o Susan, ka ili ambi es mia sib= o fes! Matro: Aj es felica! Tu poti mariti alife qi tu desiri! Ka reala= te, papa ne es tua patro!

=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D= =3D=3D=3D Doro de nati di

O mia bela ami da fe! Qo doro mi = sio doni a tu In tua nati-di ? Anelo o brakaleto de oro ? Mi ne= ami kadenos sirke tua manos !! o dulca mielo de flami za koloro komo m= ia kardio !! Sed la vera mielo es in tua labios ruba !! o vino? Sed= in tota mundo, ne es vino Komo uci, qi versi ex tua seduci za okos ! = Mi ne habi ajo plu valui li dei la spirito ! Aj preni! Mia spirito e= s infra tua komando !

=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D= =3D=3D *Ski plu bona dei valuto(ex Kalifa Ali)

*Ski to pa es la= heredi jo de profetos, Valuto ia es la heredi jo de tiranos: Farao= nos, Qarun, Haman!

*Tu gardi valuto, Ski to gardi tu!

*La p= osesi pe de valuto habi multa enemios, La posesi pe de ski to habi mult= a amios!

*Si tu habi valuto, id sio dimini, sed ski to kresci k= o uti.

*On klami la rica pe kom avara, aroga, la ski za homo kom ge= nerosa e gentila!

*on gardi la valuto kontra furti pes, la ski = to es semper sekura!

*Valuto losi sea valui jo ko tempo, la ski to = resti duri za!

*Valuto fari la kardio severa, la ski to pleni id ko= brili to!

*La rica pe es semper egotista e vana, la ski za homo es= humila e modesta!


Mi ne es poeso ro

O bela fe! Sed po mi pa vidi tu Mi pa du parli poeso dulca!

Mi= ne es zela lovi ro O bela fe ! sed po mi pa vidi tu , Mia kardia p= leni fi ko lovi! !

Mi pa kanti de ami to, sed fakto te, mi ne p= a ski alijo de ami! Mi pa kli la noktos dormi lesa e trista! Sed po= mi pa vidi tu, mi re gaya fi!

Mi deveni enemio inter amios ! M= i veri te ne es enemio ! * dolca fe ! Sed po mi pa vidi tu Mi konsi= deri tota pe kom amio !

Mi pensi, elevi te la manos a cielo, ke= mi qojo desiri de Teo ? po mi kadi in tua lovi to , Mi komensi ado= ri Teo ko fidi mega !

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Mi es Brazil-pe.

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