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Re: [glosalist] Re: GLISA(neo glosa de myaleee)

Fabio Lentulio Mota Filho (Fabio Lentulio Mota Filho <fabiomota@...>) on November 26, 2010

Dear MyAllee,

Thank you for your reply. Recently I started studying Glosa = ( and really liked the language. I’ve studied a bit of Esper= anto and the new Fasile ( In GLOSA liked the way “isolated”= or the word without any change in gender, number or superlatives. I did no= t like the suffixe -mo, -me and others that overlap with other words as th= e number 1 or the personal pronoun “me”. I am a doctor, a gynecologist and = obstetrician, and work in Brazil. I am 46 years and 2 children (10 and 16 y= ears). Fabio Mota

2010/11/26 myaleee n <myaleee@…>

Dear F= abio Lentulio Mota thanks for your kind opinion I am iraqi doctor ,60 y= ears old. I want to know all about you, please!! 1-what kind of problems = -o, -e, -a ends give : It is excellent way to recognise kind of words (in= hearing and speaking) ! 2- if you read and write in this language, you c= an feel how easy and pretty it is. 3- different endings (eg english : p= romise(noun and verb), adult,adulthood, rich,richness,infant, infancy,inv= ite, invitation etc ). Instead of “-o”, a beginner needs to memmorise a l= ot of endings! 4-in french more than 400 forms for common verbs. In glisa= , only FOUR: pa,fu,sio,nu before verbs! mi fu veni I shall come. Natural = ending-interlingua is hundred times more difficult than my glisa. pleas= e read,seeing food is unlike tasting!! thanks myaleee

— In glos= <>, Fabio Lentulio Mota = Filho <fabiomota@…> wrote:

I do not like the idea of changing the= final words to “o”, “a” … there are already several other language= s with this characteristic and this only causes problems.

= 2010/11/23 Zhenyu <lizhenyu_god@…>

Karo Myalee= e, I ever had an idea like “-o”=3D n., “-a”=3Dadj., “-e”=3Dadv., “-i”= =3Dv., but a little different from yours. I will show you later when = I’m back to Beijing. In your word list, I dislike the word “kompute= ro(computer)”, which is a unwise word. “Puta-me(computer)”=3DPuta(com= pute,think); “-me”=3Dmachine. How do you devide your word “komputer= o”, which is a dead word! Many same unwise words exist in your word= list. Please re-consider about them! Saluta! Li Zhenyu


— In <><gl= osalist%>, “myaleee

n” <myaleee@> wrote:

nosa amiko fe=3Dna ami-fe; para ta ta for adject=3Dneiborining)

ami ta=3Dloving; ela=3Dher sibo fe=3D fe-sibi; seqe te =3Dse= qe-co; otra=3Dhetero(me prefer latin, more recognisable international= ly); prekron te=3D in past , te=3Dfor adverb; sea=3Dhis own; zi sti; = sibo fes=3Dsisters s=3Dplural ; aj=3Dimperative tense;aj veni=3Dcome = Blieve me glosa-pe , glisa is isolating, clear, not confusing, very = simplest of all!!!

Jon: Papa, mi voli mariti Susan, nosa= amiko fe en para ta domo! Patro: Nulitem! Ka mi prekron te habi am= i ta relati ko ela matro! El es tua sibo fe! Jon: Seqi te, = mi sio mariti Mary, nosa otra para ta amiko fe! Patro: Nulimode!! P= lus te, mi prekron te habi ami ta relati ko ela matro! Mi peniti, e= l anke es tua sibo fe!

Jon pa kini a sea matro, e pa dici t= rista te: Papa pa refusi mariti zi mi ko Mary alo Susan, ka ili amb= i es mia sibo fes! Matro: Aj es felica! Tu poti mariti alife qi tu = desiri! Ka reala te, papa ne es tua patro! —– na= =3D gene; ami na=3Dbeloved; prizi=3D like; za=3D full of , floro za=3Dcol= orful ajo=3Dthing; li=3D worthy lekti li=3D merits reading ; plu de= i=3D plu de

O mia bela ami na fe! Qo doro mi sio do= ni a tu In tua nati-di ? Anelo alo brakaleto de oro ? = Mi ne prizi kadenos sirke tua manuos !! Alo dulca mielo de flami= za koloro komo mia kardio !! Sed la vera mielo es in tua labios ru= ba !! Alo vino? Sed in tota mundo, ne es vino Komo uci, qi = versi ex tua seduci za okos ! Mi ne habi ajo plu valui li dei la sp= irito ! Aj preni! Mia spirito es infra tua komando !

= I hope you like my glisa and your suggestions, plu kara glosa pe = saluta myaleee

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