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Re: [glosalist] GLISA(neo glosa de myaleee)

chris duncan (chris duncan <krisdunncan@...>) on November 23, 2010

HI salaam alaikum the choice of a more greek based vocabul= ary rather than a latin one was because the greek roots were more often u= sed in scientific writings and were thus more internationaly known in the = scientific community. As you read arabic you will know that many of the phi= losphical terms used by al kindi, ibn sina ,al ghazali,ibn rushd etc were b= ased on greek not latin.(if you are an iraqui christian the same applies to= syriac- aramaic writings) the large number of “romance clones” that claim = to be international . with the exception of mondo lango. are the work of ea= rly twentieth century middle class europeans who hated the dominance of t= he english and german many conlangs do you know that have ge= rmanic languages as a source of vocabulary.even now esperanto writings are = saturated with anti- english articles.on top of that they are constanly fig= hting each other over which minute difference between them is more “interna= tional”lets face it when you look at interlingua or lingua franca nova dont= you just think why bother ,why not just use italian or spanish instead the= y are all practically the same.glosa is above all of that. best wishes chri= s duncan

On 22 November 2010 17:15, myaleee n <myaleee@…> wrote:

nosa amiko fe=3Dna ami-fe; para ta ta for adject=3Dneiborining) am= i ta=3Dloving; ela=3Dher sibo fe=3D fe-sibi; seqe te =3Dseqe-co; otra=3Dh= etero(me prefer latin, more recognisable internationally); prekron te=3D = in past , te=3Dfor adverb; sea=3Dhis own; zi sti; sibo fes=3Dsisters s=3D= plural ; aj=3Dimperative tense;aj veni=3Dcome Blieve me glosa-pe , glisa = is isolating, clear, not confusing, very simplest of all!!!

Jon: Papa= , mi voli mariti Susan, nosa amiko fe en para ta domo! Patro: Nulitem! Ka= mi prekron te habi ami ta relati ko ela matro! El es tua sibo fe! Jon:= Seqi te, mi sio mariti Mary, nosa otra para ta amiko fe! Patro: Nulimode= !! Plus te, mi prekron te habi ami ta relati ko ela matro! Mi peniti, el = anke es tua sibo fe!

Jon pa kini a sea matro, e pa dici trista te: Papa= pa refusi mariti zi mi ko Mary alo Susan, ka ili ambi es mia sibo fes! = Matro: Aj es felica! Tu poti mariti alife qi tu desiri! Ka reala te, papa = ne es tua patro! —– na=3D gene; ami na=3Dbeloved; prizi=3D like; z= a=3D full of , floro za=3Dcolorful ajo=3Dthing; li=3D worthy lekti li=3D = merits reading ; plu dei=3D plu de

O mia bela ami na fe! Qo doro mi s= io doni a tu In tua nati-di ? Anelo alo brakaleto de oro ? Mi ne priz= i kadenos sirke tua manuos !! Alo dulca mielo de flami za koloro komo mia= kardio !! Sed la vera mielo es in tua labios ruba !! Alo vino? Sed in = tota mundo, ne es vino Komo uci, qi versi ex tua seduci za okos ! Mi ne= habi ajo plu valui li dei la spirito ! Aj preni! Mia spirito es infra tu= a komando !

I hope you like my glisa and your suggestions, plu kara glo= sa pe saluta myaleee

– C. D .

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