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Gary R Miller (Gary R Miller <justi.miller@...>) on September 23, 2010


I have never had the chance to read the entire Interglossa book. A portion of it is on the Internet at the Ailanto web site.

I know of no split that occurred between Interglossa and Glosa. Interglossa was a dead idea until Ron Clark found the book and contacted Hogben, who was then in a wheelchair. About 1975 the idea for Glosa was developed.

Besides the change to a more phonetic spelling, a few words were changed. SU is now QI, APO is AB, APO is now a verboid, not a preposition. Whereas Hogben preferred the words of Greek origin, Glosa uses more words of Latin origin. The tendency to put -O at the end of nouns and -E at the end of verboids is gone. Hogben’s formulas for sentence order were replaced with the simpler SUBJECT-VERB-OBJECT order, with modifiers coming before those parts of speech.

The changes are not so different; I can understand Hogben’s earlier writings without much difficulty.

Saluta, _ _ /. /\ Gary


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