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Re: Problems with Glosa: Learning and Instruction

xShadowSoulx ("xShadowSoulx" <shadowxsoul@...>) on May 23, 2010

agreed, i would prefer a more complete book, but sadly I cant seem to find = the physical book anywhere!

should i try to say that in Glosa?

Ja, mi sio= prefere u ma holo bibli de Glosa. Sed mi ne pote detekti u fisio bibli ali= -lo.

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Karo liogab11, Tu es korekti! Mi este u-ci problema existe to un inte= r-reti de poli auxlang, so Glosa debi grafo ma info de id lingua-lega e ver= ba-ordina(syntax) te deskribe id holo neo koncepti e plu-la posi konfusi. M= i este;Glosa volu uti u maxi no-poli lexi te expresi u maxi poli semani, is= o “natio” semani “nation,national e nationality”, ex-co, na ne habe u lexi = “nationality”. Exampla in English: What’s your country=3D What’s your natio= nality. Please fill out your nation in the form=3DPlease fill out your nati= onality in the form. “Country” sio vice u lexi “nationality”. Na debi mor= e u-ci puta-mode.

Saluta! Li Zhenyu

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I believe that there is a problem with the way Glosa is taught.= It might just be me, but a knocked down version of 18 Steps is not enough.= I feel that we need a better means of instruction in order to serve the ne= ed for instruction for those who do not have the patience or the capability= to learn Glosa by deconstucting sentences.

I also believe that t= he full version of 18 Steps should be made accessible to those who wish to = learn Glosa this way. It will also be a great supplement to the online less= ons.

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