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new to Glosa and I have questions

xShadowSoulx ("xShadowSoulx" <shadowxsoul@...>) on May 22, 2010

I’ve been studying Glosa [url=3D]here[/u= rl] for a day or two now and i like what i see, but i have a few questions,= mostly about the vocabulary.

it seems to be sorta incomplete and ambiguou= s to me. for one i cant find any words for clothing except for ‘underwear’ = (???) which apparently is also the word ‘shirt’ (??????). though i imagine = some of them wouldn’t be too hard to conjure up (manu-ve, pedi-ve, nekto-ve= , somni-ve etc…) it doesn’t appear to have a word for ‘pants’.

another = is the ambiguity i’m coming across. like for example, dictionary here lists= three different words for ‘sleep’: sopo, dormi, and somni. even though the= dictionary recommends only using somni, for some odd reason the word for ‘= to go to sleep’ is sit sopo. another odd when is tura and trakto, both of w= hich mean ‘to pull’ and both are recommended equally (the dictionary has pl= us signs next to all the words to show which ones are preferred).

if you c= are, here’s the dictionary I’m using, the main glosa page claims it’s the m= ost comprehensive dictionary on the web for glosa:

[url]http://www.glosa.o= rg/gid/engl.htm[/url]

is it really that reliable? the thing claims the wor= d for ‘left-handed’ is just ‘laevo’.

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