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18 Gradu, plus...

Gary R Miller (Gary R Miller <justi.miller@...>) on April 23, 2010

Liogab11, Myaleee, Zhenyu–

Liogab11: I also believe that the full version of 18 Steps should be made accessible to those who wish to learn Glosa this way. It will also be a great supplement to the online lessons.

-> Only a few pages have been dropped in the Internet version. These pages dealt with some short forms of words people wanted dropped because they were ambiguous; for example: -MO (short for MOBILI) was used to mean furniture, but MO can also mean “one” or “first.” SEDI-MO can mean “chair” (“sit-furniture”) or “first sitting.” Originally there were 18 of these short forms– that’s why there were “18 Steps.” I believe this book– along with practice and thinking– is sufficient for most situations.

Myaleee: Changes to confusing partes of glosa grammar has been suggested a million times in past, to no avail! This is deplorable, for glosa is pretty!

-> This is the problem. We cannot make one million changes to Glosa! People who never used Glosa made most of the suggestions. It has been very rare that even two people agreed on one change. There was a lot of arguing.

-> U-ci es un exakti problema. Na ne pote face mono miliona muta a Glosa! Plu homi; qi ne uti Glosa, pa face poli postula. Pa es forti no-freqe; bi homi pa dice akorda de klu mono muta. Pa es poli disputa.

-> Yes, Glosa is like a pretty song on the radio. One person says, “It’s my song!” Another person says, “No, it’s my song!”

-> Ja, Glosa es homo u kali kanta ex radio. Uno pe dice; “U-la es mi kanta!” Un hetero dice; “No, mi kanta!”

Zhenyu: Mi pa no-memo nara u ra; qi es “es, habe, nu, fu, pa, este, gene, detekti, etc.” habe poli posi okasio esce nima-, akti-, deskribe-, e mode-lexi in uno status. Exp: Teo es= un es de Teo semani: God’s being = the being of god. Teo es es reali.= Un es de Teo es veri semani: God’s being is real.= the being of god is real.

Id es reali. semani: It’s real or It’s reality. ??? Mi doxo: Id es reali. debi semani: It’s real. Anti-co, “Id es un reali.” alo “Id es reali-ra” debi semani: “It’s reality”. Qe mi korekti?

-> Ja, u-ci es pleisto korekti. U REALI es u maxi facili de semani “reality.” Anti-co -RA habe u fo-generali semani. Es ma boni; ne puta de u verba “fini-ra,” sed adi u difere verba. “Reality” posi es U REALI STATO, U STATO DE REALI, U REALI QALITA, U REALI MODE, e tali plus.

“U stupidi-pe dice; es zero Teo.” (Plu Sofi Frase, Kristo Bibli)

Saluta, _ _ /. /\ Gary


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