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Re: [glosalist] Place critique(?) PART A.

Robin Gaskell (Robin Gaskell <drought-breaker@...>) on July 24, 2003

At 08:56 AM 7/22/03 -0000, John Braddock grafo:


Place critique(?) pro mi.

Il es tri plu type de plu ergo-pe. Na alo kongru ad-in mo do plu->ci plu area alo inter mu.

Na ergo fu gene pluto, fu gene avanti alo dura vive.

Vari no-poli pe gene pluto, plu pe gene avanti e majorita >kontenta de di ad di.


** Ko hedo, John,

kritici /krEEtEE-CH-EE/ : (to)criticise, criticism, (a)critique

dona kritici = give criticism [criticise]

tipo /tEEpOR/ : type(of), (to)type, (a)type, ; ge-tipo = printed

es tri plu tipo* –> es tri tipo ~plu~ is needed as a #numerator# only in the absence of some other word (a number, numerical moderator) indicating more than one.

tri tipo de plu ergo-pe (optionally) tri tipo de ergo-pe Either is correct, and the choice depends on style .. if plurality is not in doubt. The plurality of ~tri~ flows into the supplementary phrase, so a second statement of plurality is not actually needed; say both options out loud, and see which ‘feels’ and sounds better.

Na alo kongru ad-in mo do plu-ci plu area alo inter mu.

Alo, na habe loka intra mo de plu-ci area, alo inter mu.

alo; alo .. alo = or; either … or; either, …, or (( mo alo hetero = one or other, either))

na kongru ad-in = we fit into (Does it pass the sound/’feel’ test)

na habe loka intra = we have place inside [are placed in]

in; ad-in = into %I prefer the Old Glosa, ~in~ = “into”% The shorter word seems adequate, but can readily be confused with the English “in”; thus another usage, ~ad-in~, was coined, mainly, I guess, for the sake of English-speakers. intra = inside, in ((Quite simply, there is a distinct logical difference between the implied action of moving ‘into’ something, and the state of being ‘in’ or ‘inside’ something. Perhaps Glosa should maintain this logical difference.))

de plu-ci plu area* –> de plu-ci area [of these the areas] [of these areas] ~plu-ci~ is a plural numerator - the ~plu~ is built-in; thus, it is redundant to restate the plurality of ~area~ for the rest of the sentence.

Ci mi pa somni.



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