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Re: Ave Oleg

topdeboo ("topdeboo" <topdeboo@...>) on April 6, 2010

Hello David, Thank you for your kind invitation into the land of Glosa= . This IAL has attracted me because it looks quite different from Esperanto= , and I’m willing to try out some other approach to language-making than th= at of Zamenhof. I’ll see if I am able to express my thoughts in Glosa with = the same ease as in Esperanto. I can’t say I’m too good at languages myself= , Esperanto I’ve been learning for quite a long time. I hope, however, I’ll= be able to answer you in Glosa someday. I know that Norvich is famous for = its terriers, they are extremely funny reddish-coloured fox-like little dog= gies, I like them very much. I’ve just looked into the dictionary GID, and = found out that the Glosa word for “terrier” is “pusi speci kani.” Rather a = descriptive definition. :-)

Best wishes Oleg

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Hello Oleg - welcome to Glosa=

  • I see that your queries have been answered by Zhenyu so will make no fur= ther comment. My name is David - I live on the east coast of England abou= t 32 kilometres from Norwich. I also was interested in Esperanto but that= was a good few years ago and when I discovered Glosa (derived from InterGl= ossa) I thought it to be a much better proposition for an international lan= guage. Regrettably I am not so good at learning languages but have the sa= me ambition as yourself with regard to the introduction of an international= language. Regards, David.

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