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Il es tri (justi.miller@...) on July 23, 2003

Karo John,

I hope I’m helping you out here. I think any problems you may have had translating this will disappear after you get your “18 Steps” book.

I’m not sure if I understand this right, but I believe you said this:

There are three kinds of workers. We either fit into one of these areas or between them. Our work makes (us) rich, gets (us) ahead, or lets us survive. Different minorities get rich, some people get ahead, and the majority is satisfied from day to day.

If this sounds about right, pat yourself on the back; you have communicated, and that is the main goal of any language.

You perhaps thought a little too hard. Only one word showing number is necessary before a noun:

Il es tri plu type… < (Il) es tri speci…

If you really need the plu, it should come before the tri:

(Il) es plu tri speci… = There are the three kinds…

Minority would be better translated minorita (from Marcel’s GID) or–always a good trick in Glosa–write out the meaning of the word, u mei (granda) mero de panto-pe.

How to translate critique? In this case my knowledge of Glosa isn’t pretty: monstra plu ero = “show the errors.” Maybe someone else has something better.

Thank you for the letter in Glosa!

Saluta, _ _ /. Gary #/# ###

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