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Re: Learning Glosa

Zhenyu ("Zhenyu" <lizhenyu_god@...>) on December 31, 2009

Dear New Friend,

Welcome to leanr Glosa! Please visit Glosa’s official web= site at for learning more about it.

Glosa is the eas= iest language containing a lot of filosophy of Chinese grammar and word mak= ing. I love it quite much, even though I have been discussing a lot of poss= ible problems due to its simplicity and occasional homonyms of combinations= . However, I still only support Glosa compared to Mondlango, Esperanto, int= erlingua, etc.(Esperanto is the hardest aux-lang, I’m often against it!)

I= n spring of 2004, I first found Mondlango and thought it’s better than Espe= ranto, but still harder due to its remain of hard grammatical forms such as= the objective case like mim=3Dme… and the nominal possesive prnoun like = mias=3Dmine… ), and hard words such as the names of months(Januaro=3DJanu= rary) and weeks(frido=3Dfriday). I used to discuss and suggest the mondlang= ists to change them as what Glosa does(meno 1=3DJanuary and Di-penta=3Dfrid= ay).

Best wishes to you and all Glosalists! Saluta! Li Zhenyu (Ex Beijing,= Cina)

— In, “matt_1779” <matt_1779@…> w= rote:

I have come to the conclusion that I would like to learn Glosa.= It appears that there are several people in this group that a very high pr= oficiency level. I would like to know where you learned and what resources= are out there for others to learn Glosa. Can anyone point me in the right= direction?

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