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Re: [glosalist] Facebook group

Scott Heavner (Scott Heavner <tangentaxis@...>) on July 11, 2009

I can only hope and pray for the best for Miss Ashby. I look forward to seeing you on facebook, David. Spread the word :-)

Gratia, Scott

On 7/11/09, David <daveyporter@…> wrote:

Hello Scott, Glad you received the 18 steps ok. The only Glosa “caretaker” that I know of is Wendy Ashby - who has been suffering from a serious illness - I don’t know her present situation I am not a subscriber to Facebook yet but will join now that you have created a Glosa group. Regards, Davidjp

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To anyone interested, i created a facebook group for Glosa. I am also working on a Glosa wikibook for wikipedia. Any suggestions and aid you can provide would be greatly appreciated. I just hope we all can promote Glosa so that it may be used more frequently.



P.S. Does anyone know of the status of Glosa’s caretakers?

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