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Introducing myself

Peter M. Schogol ("Peter M. Schogol" <schogol@...>) on February 8, 2009

Greetings all.

Please forgive me for writing in English. I hope to be doing less and less of that from here on out.

I’ve been checking into constructed languages for some time, deciding which one I wanted to learn (dare I say master), and I keep coming back to Glosa. I think it’s main attraction is the flow of its speech patterns, and it sounds more ‘natural’ than – say – Esperanto. I mean no disrespect to Esperanto or any other conlang, by the way.

What would you all recommend as the best way in to Glosa? And, other than this listserv, are there Glosa communities on the web I might check out?

Many many thanks Peter Schogol Lexington, KY USA

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