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Re: Mondlango is not better than Glosa

shearzar ("shearzar" <ken.scherer@...>) on November 27, 2008

How true. I’m form the South. We got that Southern Drawl. I don’t know ab= out them dip thangs, but I hear we have a mess of um.

— In glosalist@yah=, “Llu=C3=ADs Batlle” <viriketo@…> wrote:

I rarely have s= een an English native capable of speaking without diphtongs. :)

20= 08/11/27, shearzar <ken.scherer@…>:

It is easy for me to mix grammars= . One person’s vowel is another’s consonant. The Ceqli conlang consider= s L, M, N, Q, and R to be vowels! No wonder I get confused. :-)

= If Mondlango is another Esperanto Adjuvilo, I’m not upset. That would= be a great prank. My posts about that are based on my hypothesis that = “He Yafu”, the name of the founder of Mondlango, is an Esperanto pun f= or “Hey, you fool” (or, “Ha! You fool!”?).

Even if I’m wrong about = Mondlango being an elaborate hoax, its use of diphthongs muddies the g= oal of one symbol one sound. I submit that the listener would not easil= y determine how to properly spell a word with a diphtong in it. But, w= hat ever, I don’t care, Glosa words are easier to pronounce.

I= want it to be all Greek (and Latin) to me. :-) Glosa is my friend.

= Happy Thanksgiving. I have to go play nice with the in-laws. :-)


— In, “Llu=C3=83=C2=ADs Batlle” <virik= eto@> wrote:

In esperanto, the name “vokaloj” (vowels) mean thos= e symbols in the set “a,e,i,o,u”. Although “j,=C3=85=C2=AD” (w,y= in your mondlango) have a vowel-like sound for “i” and “u”, they = aren’t counted in the set named “vokaloj”.

Don’t mix grammars. :)=

Nevertheless, if you are worried with things like those, I guess=


will find only deception in the world of conlangs. Sooner or la= ter.

2008/11/27, shearzar <ken.scherer@>:

I am still waiti= ng on my 18 steps Glos book. It’s on back order.

Something f= unny to share: Out of curiosity, I checked out Mondlango, a revi= sion of Esperanto.

A few Esperanto articles (one of which cal= ls Mondlango an “antecesor del globish”), caused me to think Mon= dlango is an Adjuvilo-like Esperanto joke. I spent hours look= ing in vain for info about He Yafu. Surely, the creator of a langua= ge that purportedly has tens of thousands of speakers since its crea= tion in 2002 would have his picture Online. Is He Yafu an Espera= nto pun for “Hey, you fool”?

On, FAQ #20 says, = “Mondlango has realized the dream of ‘one symbol one sound’ both th= eoretically and practically.” Yet, we find on the Alphabet page = the comment, “semivowels: w y. Semivowels can be combined with vowel= s to form diphthongs, such as ay [ai], ey[ei], oy[oi], aw[au], o= w[ou].”

Websters New World College Dictionary 4th Edition say= s a diphthong is, “a complex vowel sound made by gliding continuous= ly from the position for one vowel to that for another within the s= ame syllable, as (ou) in down.”

Page two of the Al= phabet on says, “The number of syllables in a word is = given by the number of vowels.”

Before we even get to Online = lesson one, we see that Mondlango comments about one symbol one soun= d, diphthongs, and one vowel per syllable are contradictory! =

I still haven’t found an auxlang that I like better than Glosa!= ! :-)

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