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ecclesonc ("ecclesonc" <daveyporter@...>) on February 4, 2008

-Hello Evgeniy, My view is that they are mispronunciations - slips of the t= ongue - English speakers pronounce the words visit and propose as viZit an= d propoZ. I maintain that the words should have been pronounced viSit an= d propoSi. Similarly with graTSia, that is an Italian word I believe (and = I think that Ron Clark spoke Italian). The word should be pronounced gra= Tia. Regards, David JP.

– In, “Evgeniy Mezents= ev” <e.mezentsev@…> wrote:

I hear the first text in /en/audi.htm

I hear in “* Ja, place. Mi volu info. U-ci es na proto vi= sit a London. Qe tu pote auxi na elekti un hoteli?*” visit as viZit =

in “* Tu proposi qo-ra?*”

proposi as propoZi

and so on

bu= t in “pusi bibli de ambi hoteli.

pusi as puSi

in “* Gratia …= (lekto) … m … Ja, u River Hotel feno boni.*”

Gratia as graTSia

I hear that

Can anybody hear this and say what he hears?

mp= 3 link is


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