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Re: [glosalist] hello all

David ("David" <daveyporter@...>) on February 1, 2008

Hello Evgeniy,

In answer to your questions I inform you of the following - (taken from Glosa text books):

Accent (stress) is “gently on the vowel before the final consonant”

S is pronounced as in English “ess” - I am unaware of the Z pronunciation

I believe that Gratia should be pronounced “grAtia” - again I am unaware of “gratsia” (sounds like the Spanish word).

I am no authority on Glosa and can only tell you what is said in my text books - I would be interested if any other Glosa speakers give you different information.

  Wishing you well and for a better world.       Regards,   David J Porter

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The Glosa is a very intresting auxilary language for me.

I seek Russian speakers who are intresting Glosa. Write me directly, please.

I have some questions about pronunciation. 1 what is correct accent grAtia or gratIa? 2I hear in audio examples that sometime S sound like Z (as in Zoo) especially in intervocal position (as in German) 3 In word ‘gratia’ I hear T sound like TS. Is it correct?


– Evgeniy Mezentsev

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