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Re: [glosalist] a universal grammar ish ??

Nick N. Mikhailenko ("Nick N. Mikhailenko" <nick0000@...>) on December 3, 2005

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I have started free lessons in Esperanto - very interesting. Glosa seems to be developed from west europe languages and Esperanto from east european -I am more at ease with the western ones.I do not think that either is better or worse than the other, each has characteristics that help me and each some that don’t. It has made me think about universal language and the following is buzzing about in my head.

It’s OK. Try to make Glosa+Esperanto Make Glosa as strong as Esperanto Glosa++ as C++

Nikolao Mihajlenko

Zamenhof is dead, so you do it. Think about -ebla, -inda, -ema, -igi, -ighi for Glosa

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