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Re: [glosalist] x and q (sydpidd@...) on March 9, 2004

Plu plura horo poste mi pa unio glosalist, id pa gene indika ke “x” (ks) e “q” (kw) es no logika e ankora mu resta e plu de na lekto-pe no resta. In futuri, mi fu uti plu international phonetics alphabet soni te ankora plu glosa sema. “X” es mo soni - a velar fricative e “q” a pharingal plosive. Te face k” na du klude u dorsa de stoma e po-co subito aperi id. pro “x” u dorsa de stoma du gene proxi ge-klude sed no fini. plu welsh, scot , german e plu hetera pe fu rekogni “ch” e plu spanish “j”. Plu panto vokali fu es brevi e mi fu grafo u nu glosa “q” homo “qu”. sid

Several times since I joined glosalist, it has been pointed out that “x” (ks) and “q” (kw) are illogical and yet they remain and whereas several of our readers do not. In future, I shall use the international phonetics alphabet sounds to match glosa’s signs. “X” is one sound - a velar fricative and “q” a pharyngal plosive. To make k”, we close the back of the mouth and then suddenly open it. For “x” the back of the mouth is nearly closed but not quite. The Welsh, Scots , Germans and others will recognise “ch” and the Spanish “j”. The vowels will all be short and I will write the current glosa “q” as “qu”.

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